Frequently Asked Questions

After a combined 40+ years in the business, there are a few questions we’ve come across that tend to repeat, so we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with the answers to a few common liquor licensing questions. Have a question you don’t see here? Feel free to contact us.

I want to sell my liquor license. Can you help me?

If you own New Jersey Liquor Licenses – 33 consumption license, a 44 distribution license, or a 32 broad C consumption license and would like to sell it, contact us. I can help You with the Buy or Sell Process.

I’m a real estate developer. Should I buy my license before the deal or after?

Buy the license before the real estate deal gets inked. Remove the “liquor” contingency from your deal. Many towns have limited license availability. Maximize your rental income by owning the license before going to market on the property. We can identify the value and availability of license in your market. We then can decide how to capture the license leading to a successful real estate transaction for your new development.

I’m a hotel developer. How can I get a liquor license?

Unlock hidden value in your project. Many chains and independents want to locate near or in your new projects. Any hotel in New Jersey receives a NJ consumption license provided it has 100 rooms. With our restaurant contacts, we can fill the spot in your hotel with a name-brand or independent operator who will enhance your food service.

If you want to buy licenses, creative ways to obtain license exist. Bankruptcy auction, tax auction, both local and federal – we monitor what is happening in the market and can assist the astute buyer to negotiate through these avenues. Many dollars can be saved utilizing this strategy, when available.

What is a pocketed or inactive New Jersey Liquor License? Can it be used, sold, or otherwise transacted?

If a license has been inactive for two or more years it is considered pocketed or inactive and a special ruling from NJABC’s Director is required before the municipality may renew the license for the next license year.  In order to apply for a special ruling, the licensee must file the renewal application with the municipality and pay all renewal fees. The municipality will then hold the license renewal in abeyance until the Alcoholic Beverage Commission Director issues the special ruling.

In order to obtain a special ruling, the licensee must file a verified petition.  Among other items of information, the verified petition must set forth how long the license has been inactive; the reason for the inactivity; efforts made to activate the license; the prognosis for activation; and previous petitions made by the licensee.  It is within the NJABC Director’s discretion whether to grant the relief sought. Although there is no limit to the number of special rulings that the Alcoholic Beverage Commission Director may make with respect to any one license, the longer the license is inactive, the less the probability that the NJABC Director will grant the petition and issue a special order.

Typically, the New Jersey ABC Director will issue a special ruling for the first verified petition for a period of two years. Thereafter, special rulings will be granted on an annual basis. The NJ ABC Director’s willingness to grant special rulings for renewals will depend on the efforts being made to place the license and/or the reasons for the inability to place the license.

How are you liquor license appraisals validated?

Liquor license transactions are NOT recorded anywhere, so true validation in the sense of a real property is impossible. Our liquor license appraisals are a snapshot of  the collection of data and information which we have on file and recent transactions in and around the town or city of appraisal.

Is obtaining a liquor license difficult?

Obtaining a liquor license can be difficult, but not always. In many cases we may be able to help you obtain an original issue license for your business at a reduced cost.

We don’t want to sign a lease if we are unable to obtain a license. How can we protect ourselves?

As our client, you can use our proprietary acquisition process to protect liquor license sales and acquisitions. We will show you how to minimize all hard costs.

We inherited a license as part of an estate. Other than the building, equipment, and goodwill, are there any other assets we can sell?

Yes. In many cases your liquor license can be worth a significant amount of money and we can find out how valuable it is.

Our company is based overseas. Will our executives all need to fly to the US to finalize the license purchase/sale?

No, foreign executives do not need to travel to the US to obtain a liquor license. We have experience working with many foreign nationals and we can set up strategies to eliminate all unwanted travel.

I have a felony on my record from years ago. Is that an immediate disqualification for a liquor license?

No, a felony is not an immediate disqualification for a liquor license. In many states, when you provide proof of dispensation you will qualify to obtain a license.  Governments in many cases will view you as a person who made a mistake and served their time or did community service and is now moving on to a new venture.

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